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Created with 4% pure silver, Silverback's X-Static is a 21st Century supershirt manufactured to reduce perspiration, eliminate odor, enhance comfort and maintain its durability. Thanks to the silver component, the X-Static undershirts kill bacteria on contact and force sweat to evaporate quicker than other garments.
The silver in our shirts is permanently bonded to the polyester fabric that comprises the other 96% of our X-Static product line. There's no chance of the silver washing off and the shirt will retain its anti-perspiration qualities throughout its lifetime. The wondrous attributes of silver have been celebrated since Ancient Rome, when generals used jugs and ewers made from it to keep water safe. Silver is now widely used in pools and our drinking supply to eradicate germs and bacteria.
By fighting harmful microbes and bacteria, silver eliminates unhygienic sweat and odors from sticking to our bodies. When used in Silverback's undershirts, it keeps men feeling fresh and confident throughout each day, no matter the circumstance or challenge.