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Silverback Apparel - Stay Dry and Cool with our Sweat Proof Undershirts
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With production operations located exclusively in Canada and the United States, you never have to be concerned about the quality of Silverback's clothing. The undershirts you purchase will be designed, manufactured and delivered with the kind of care and craftsmanship you expect from an elite product. Silverback is committed to supporting our Canadian and American business partners.
According to economic researchers, more than 5 million jobs could be created within the United States if the nation's 300 million citizens spend just $20 a month on U.S.-made goods like Silverback clothing. In Canada, more than 250,000 manufacturing jobs have been lost since 2002, according to labor statistics. In order to support our neighbors, Silverback believes part of our role as a corporate citizen is to step forward with initiatives that limit the outsourcing of jobs without overburdening the consumer.
With our environmentally friendly clothing, we are able to exploit the boom in the green economy to exclusively employ production workers in Canada and the U.S., where it's easier and more cost effective to manufacture clothing that does not contain pesticides or chemicals.