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Silverback Apparel - Stay Dry and Cool with our Sweat Proof Undershirts
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Silverback Apparel's elite designer undershirts are created with a double layer of fabric on the armpits and back, ensuring you remain dry and in control even during the most intense circumstances. No matter the situation, no matter the temperature, Silverback shirts perform under fire and in the heat of the moment.
With shirts that contain fibers made from silver and bamboo, Silverback is among the leading manufacturers of moisture-reducing clothing and an apparel company at the cutting-edge of men's fashion.
By using sweat buffers to limit the amount of perspiration, Silverback's undershirts eliminate ugly stains beneath the arms and down the spine. As you know, visible examples of your body functions are an instant turnoff for the opposite sex and business clientele. That's why we set out to create shirts that offer the highest degree of protection possible. With our double layer of thickness, we've done it.
Now, all men and especially heavy sweaters can confidently know their public image is safe. Our Bamboo and X-Static undershirts provide a greater "wick" spread than ordinary cotton-blend garments, meaning sweat is forced to evaporate quicker because of the properties inherent to our fabrics. Bamboo is well known for its antibacterial and odor-fighting qualities while silver, which is a component in the X-Static product line, is considered a combative agent against microbes that cause perspiration to show and smell. With Silverback's undershirts, you will look impeccable and feel invincible.