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Silverback Apparel - Stay Dry and Cool with our Sweat Proof Undershirts
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Silverback's Bamboo undershirts are the rare fashion products that deliver performance as well as style. Renowned for their anti-bacterial and odor-fighting qualities, bamboo clothes have been considered luxury items in the Far East for millennia.
Made from 65% bamboo, Silverback's shirts offer significantly more protection and value than a simple cotton-blend fabric.
When confronted with bamboo, sweat evaporates fast and bacteria disappear. This effective "wick" spread and extraordinary amount of protection makes bamboo the ideal fiber for undershirts. Bamboo is also among the most comfortable fabrics to wear. It is calming to the touch, durable when laundered, pleasant to the male or female nose and maintains its sheen for years. Add Silverback's unique design of double layers on the armpits and back and you have the premium undershirt in men's fashion.
With sleek and functional Bamboo undershirts, dressing for success has never been easier. Stride into any public situation now and they'll not only never see you sweat, they'll want to know how you manage to stay so cool.